Industry Editorials

'Cruise passengers will change the way they cruise after Covid' in Cruise Trade News (March 2021)

'Stormy sea ahead: confidence in the cruise industry has plummeted due to Covid-19' in The Conversation (March 2021)

'Look to the past to see the future of cruising' in The Maritime Executive  (May 2020)

'Turning risk into an opportunity - 4 part series' in The Cruise Examiner  (May 2020)

'Will people cruise again?' in The Maritime Executive  (April 2020)

'Cruise ships were prepared for quarantine thanks to norovirus horror stories' in The Conversation  (February 2020)

Industry Presentations

"Cruising into a new era", research overview for TTG seminar with leading cruise industry and travel agency top executives - Travel Trade Gazette (May 2021)

Navigating uncertainty: Risk perceptions and industry issues for passenger shipping”, joint meeting for the Nautical Institute (London), panel with Captain Dariusz Gozdzik (Independent Maritime Consultant, Leicester Maritime and former Cruise Ship Officer), Captain John L David (Marine Investigator, Consultant and Marine Professional) & Chairman Steve Cameron (MD Cameron Maritime Resources) (October 2020)

Media quotes

'Will the pandemic provide an opportunity for positive change in the cruise industry?' in Equal Times,  Font, C.B. (May 2021)

'Kids clubs: making cruise ships appealing for a new generation' in Ship Technology, Love, A. (December 2020).

'More can be done to reassure people about cruising, risk expert says' in Seatrade Cruise News, Kalosh, A. (March 2020).

'Why your first holiday after this is all over should be a cruise' in The Telegraph, Featherstone, E. (April 2020)

‘It’ll take more than a global pandemic to stop us cruising’ in The Sunday Times, Bryant, S. (April 2020)

'Boozing and cruising: alcohol on the high seas' in Ship TechnologyLove, A. (November 2019).

'UK and Ireland cruisers are actually getting older despite push for millennials' in SkiftWhyte, P. (July 2018).

Media interviews

  • Discussed the impact of Covid-19 and challenges for restarting on 'The Bottom Line', The Future of Cruises, BBC Radio 4, June 2021 

  • Discussed cruise and Covid recovery on 'Laura Unlocked', Felixstowe Radio, June 2021

  • ‘The evolution of cruising, from luxury ships to today’s troubled waters’ on Rear Vision, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, May 2020 

  • Up All Night, BBC Radio 5 Live, April 2020

  • Singapore Today, Channel News Asia, March 2020

  • Sky News UK, March 2019 (speaking live on air about the Viking Sky grounding).